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luffyko's Journal

One Piece Genderswap Community
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PLACED ON MODERATED MEMBERSHIP 6/11/12 - Sorry, the spam on LJ is getting beyond a joke. Send me a private message telling me you're a genuine fan and I'll add you ASAP. - roseveare

Inspired by 'Luffyko' of Arlong Park forums' fake spoiler April Fools fame, the One Piece and Monkey D Luffy genderswap comm! Be afraid.

For posting One Piece genderbend fanfic, fanart and anything else relevant you can think of. Please cut tag all fic/art and warn for adult content.

Despite the name, genderswap of any and all OP characters welcome here!

Anything else with gender ambiguity or crossdressing, hermaphroditism/futa, etc. accepted too. :)

***** Just a note to explain the tag system, I tag posts according to the name of each character being genderbent in the content and by pairings and medium, so if it's Zoro x Luffy art and Luffy is genderbent, it'll be tagged with "art" and "Luffy" and "Zoro x Luffy" but not "Zoro". And so on. Tags will be updated regularly, so you don't need to add your own unless you want to. *****

Your friendly neighbourhood mod is roseveare. Send her an lj message if it looks like she's fallen asleep.